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100 Subject Line for Thank You Email That Get Opened

So you’ve created a thank you email. Now you need your customers to actually read it. 

What’s the best way to get customers to open your email? Give it a powerful subject line.

Using the right subject line can make or break your thank you email campaign. 

Not only are subject lines really your only way of standing out in the inbox, but we know that nearly two thirds of customers use them in deciding whether or not to open an email

The best subject lines also boost open rates by an average of 22%

Get your subject line wrong and your customers will simply ignore your email altogether.

Or worse, report it as spam. Over three-quarters of customers report email spam based on subject lines.

So, with so much riding on your thank you email subject line, we’ve put together this list of 100 examples. But first, let’s take a look at what makes a good subject line. 

 How to write subject lines for thank you emails

There’s a LOT that goes into a good subject line. Much more than we can cover here (check out our guide on writing subject lines here for full low-down). 

Of course, subject line best practices apply to thank you emails, including: 

  • Personalize it with your customer’s name (this can boost open rates by over 50%)
  • Be clear and succient (don’t be misleading)
  • Spark your customer’s interest
  • Include a call-to-action (CTA)
  • Consider creating a sense of urgency (also shown to boost open rates)
  • Avoid spelling mistakes, annoying punctuation or too many emojis

Remember, the best subject lines not only tell people what your email is about, but give them a reason to open it as well. 

Thinking about your thank you emails, there are two main ways you can achieve this: highlight that you’re offering something of value as your thank you (such as a voucher), or keep things a bit mysterious with something along the lines of “A heartfelt message from us to you…” This will certainly pique their interest.

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Subject lines for thank you emails

Sometimes the best way to write your own subject lines is to see what other brands have used for their thank you emails. 

That’s why we’ve put together this list of 100 examples to serve as inspiration for your own.

Check out our guide on using emojis in subject lines here for more emoji usage tips and best practices.

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Good, all-purpose subject lines

Whether you’re thanking customers for their most recent purchase, for signing up to your email list or just simply thanking them in general, these are general subject line examples you can easily adapt.

  • A note from our founders – Fitbit
  • Big News and Bigger Thanks. – MindBody
  • Following up to say thank you – American Museum of Natural History
  • From the bottom of our hearts. And dog bowls. – Bark
  • From The Bottom of Our Hearts… – American Heart Association
  • Not A Marketing Email – Brooklinen
  • Thank You for an Amazing Year – Tinker Watches
  • Thank you for being in the fight for true freedom with us. – NextGen America
  • Thank You for Registering at Our Store – Vermont Country Store
  • Thank you for subscribing to Diggin’ in the Dirt Newsletter – Garden Crossings
  • Thank you for Supporting Independent Retailers! – Original Parts Group
  • Thank You, Thank You, Thank You! – Thorntons (UK)
  • THANK YOU! We’re almost SOLD OUT! – Fashion to Figure
  • Thanks for a super fly 2019! – Flywheel
  • Thanks for connecting with us! – United Way Massachusetts Bay
  • Thanks for having great taste – Alex Mill
  • Thanks for helping us – Revolution Tea
  • Thanks for your purchase! – Ales Nesetril
  • The most delicious thank-you – Betty’s Cafe Tea Rooms
  • WE Appreciate YOU weekend starts NOW! – Blue Steel
  • We Appreciate You! Free Shipping & Double Points + Totes with Pockets – Sea Bags
  • We think you’re 1 in 10 million. Here’s some free Trello Gold. – Trello
  • We’re so grateful for you we’re saying thank you twice! – Trusted Health Products
  • We’re Showing Our Appreciation — For You! – Betabrand
  • With Gratitude – Artifact Uprising
  • You showed up in a big way – Patagonia
  • You’re confirmed – thank you for signing up – Williams Sonoma
  • You’re one in a million – TransferWise
  • You’re the best! – David’s Tea
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Subject lines with emojis

Adding an emoji to your subject line is a great way to make it stand out in people’s inboxes and get your emails opened. Just like the examples below have done. 

  • We’d like to thank you ➡️ Verified offer inside – Baseball Monkey
  • 😊 We’d like to thank you with this… – Better Homes and Gardens
  • 🔔 Open quick, we want to thank you! – Choice Home Warranty
  • 😊 Showing Our Appreciation: Save Up To 90% OFF – Daily Sale
  • 😊 (Approved) We’d like to thank you with a limited-time deal – Family Circle
  • 📧Just a little something to say thank you! (See What’s Inside) – Fine Stationery
  • 😊 Because we appreciate you, use this promo code! – Fragrance X
  • Thank you! ☀️ – Fragrant Jewels
  • 🎁 A gift to show our appreciation: 6 free cigars – JR Cigars
  • From the bottom of our hearts, thank you 💌 – Laura Canada
  • 💚 Exclusive Deal To Show Our Appreciation! – PRO Compression
  • 👉 Consider it a thank you | Save Up to 20% today – RST Brands
  • We can’t thank you enough 🌟 Up to 20% off is inside – RST Brands
  • 😊 You’re the best — up to 35% off! THANK YOU for shopping at Sears 😊 – Sears
  • We appreciate you 💓 – Simply Soles
  • Free Thank You Gift Open Now 🎁 – SOS Children’s Villages
  • From the Bottom of our Hearts ❤️ – Sugar Paper
  • Let us thank you ➡️  {NAME}, this coupon is yours thru tomorrow – Swanson Health Products
  • A BIG thank you ✨💖 – Tatty Devine
  • Thank you friend 😃 – The Cereal School
  • This is how we say thank you! 🙌 – VENUS Swim & Fashion
  • 😁 Allow Us To Show Our Appreciation | Enjoy This Deal Today – Woman Within
  • Thank You! ❤️ – You Shop Outlet
  • 👶 Thank you for caring! – Yumi

Check out our guide on using emojis in subject lines here for more emoji usage tips and best practices.

Thank You Day subject lines

What better occasion to thank your customers than on Thank You Day celebrated around the world every January 11th. 

  • Thank You Day is just around the corner… – Marks and Spencer (UK)
  • Celebrating Thank You Day – The Royal Mint (UK)
  • It’s Thank You Day! – Whittard of Chelsea
  • Thank You Day Special: Get Pampered with Luxurious Skincare – Glow Essentials
  • Celebrate Thank You Day with 20% Off – HomeBliss
  • Thank You Day Appreciation: A Token of Gratitude – Joyful Jewels
  • Gratitude in Full Bloom: Thank You Day Gift for You – Bent Stems
  • A Free Gift on a Day to Say Thanks – Jangaroo 
  • Shop Now and Save – Thank You Day Deals at GearZone – GearZone

Giving Thanks to Those Close to Us – Change Ma

Personalized subject lines

Personalizing your subject line with your customer’s name is a great way to make it stand out and boost your open rate. 

So much so that subject lines that include the subscriber’s name achieve a 17% higher open rate on average

  • {NAME} – thank you. – American Red Cross
  • Thank you for all your support, {NAME} – Asthma UK
  • Thank You for Your Recent Purchase, {NAME}! – Bealls Florida
  • Thank you for being a member, {NAME} – Bobbi Brown Cosmetics
  • Thank you, {NAME}  – Fun and Function
  • We’d like to personally thank you ✰ {NAME}, you’ve got quite the offer inside – JR Cigars
  • Welcome, {NAME}. Thank You for Joining Us. – RH
  • Thank you, {NAME}! Up To 80% OFF is our treat – Spicy Lingerie
  • Thank you for joining our newsletter, {NAME} – Sunglass Hut
  • {NAME}, we can’t thank you enough! – Walter Drake
  • {NAME}, We Appreciate You – Willow Lane Cabinetry

Short & sweet subject lines

The length of your subject line strongly correlates with open rates.

A Litmus study found that the shorter your subject line, the more opens your email tends to get. In fact, having between 4 and 15 characters achieves the highest open rates whereas having over 50 characters saw the worst number of opens.

So in the spirit of keeping things short and sweet, here are some examples of short subject lines. 

  • A Special Thank You – Breo Box
  • Thank you berry much – Bubs Warehouse International (AU)
  • Thank You for Signing Up – Burberry
  • Thank you for your loyalty – Easylife
  • To Show Our Appreciation – English Gardens
  • Thank You For Caring – Food For The Poor
  • Thank you for your business – Harbor Freight
  • Thank You and Welcome – Homethreads
  • A great big THANK YOU – Lakeland (UK)
  • Friend, thank you – MAP International
  • We Appreciate YOU! – Olympia Sports
  • We’re Saying Thank You – Supplement Spot
  • A HUGE thank you – The Body Shop UK
  • Thank you for your support! – Z Chocolate

Examples mentioning a sale or special offer

Nothing says thank you to your customers like a special offer. If you’re including one in your email campaign, you should definitely mention it in your subject line like in the examples below.

  • Our treat: Up to 75% off as a thank you – Banana Republic Factory
  • THANK YOU! Customer Appreciation Sale Starts Today – CPAP
  • We Appreciate You – Take 15% Off Your Purchase – Delphi Glass Corp.
  • Thank You from Us | £10 Off Now – Farmison & Co
  • It’s official —> We wanted to thank you with code PERK – Gap
  • These DEALS are our way of saying thanks! – Gap
  • We’d like to thank you with an extra 40% off SALE! – Gap
  • Thank You for Visiting. Enjoy 15% Off. – Guess
  • official invite: here’s up to 75% off everything to show our appreciation – Kate Spade
  • $2.99 shipping to show our appreciation – Lillian Vernon
  • Enjoy This Thank You Offer – Miles Kimball
  • A thank-you is waiting for you: £15 off + free P&P now – Peter Hahn UK
  • 20% off everything to say thank you – Saje Natural Wellness

If you’re going to offer free shipping, be sure to check out our collection of subject lines mentioning free shipping here as well.

Putting your thank you subject lines to the test

No matter how well you write your subject line, you want to make sure it’s actually a good one. How do you make sure? With A/B testing. 

Chances are you’ll come up with a few different subject lines you think could work, or there were a few examples above that caught your eye. That’s good.

Having multiple subject lines in mind for your thank you campaign means you can run some A/B tests. In other words, putting running two subject lines at the same time to see which one generates the best open rate.  

This way, you’ll have hard data backing up your decision and the confidence you’re maximizing your open rate. 

Especially when you run your A/B tests properly and not just test random subject lines based on what pops into mind. 

We’ve put together a detailed guide on how you should approach A/B testing that explores this in much more detail here

Examples of thank you email subject lines in action


Subject line: Thanks for an incredible year



Nordstrom’s thank you email campaign is simple and effective, which is reflected in its straightforward subject line.


Subject line: Thanks for getting in touch


A simple thank you email that includes a call-to-action which invites customers to provide feedback


Subject line: A really, really big thank you


Another simple email fully devoted to saying thanks. These campaigns work because they came across as authentic. 


Subject line: Thanks for choosing Bajaao


Similar to the Airbnb example, this thank you email also asks for feedback. This helps show that brands truly values and appreciates their customers’ experience.


Subject line: A message of gratitude from our Founders


Adding the signatures to the end of this email and using ‘gratitude’ instead of ‘thank you’ in the subject line makes this campaign unique and noteworthy.

Next steps

While your thank you emails will never live up to their full potential without a great subject line that gets them opened and read, you don’t want to neglect the contents of your email campaign either. 

That’s why we’ve also got a collection of more thank you emails for inspiration you should check out.

For more tips on writing subject lines, our guide on subject line best practices is also well worth visiting. 

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